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[top right hand margin:-] 47

[top margin:-]Newport 18th Dec[embe]r 1839

James Hodge of Woodfield n[ea]r Blackwood
in the parish of Moneythusloyne in the
Co[unt]y of Monmouthshire Collier I met John
at the Coach and Horses Blackwood
on the Sunday before the Riots about 7 or
something after I saw a Man whom I have
before spoken of with a dark coat speaking
to Mr Frost in the parlour by the Parlour door
there were several persons by the Parlour door
there were several persons with Frost at the
time I went direct into the Room to Mr
Frost to ask him what we were going to do
I asked him if we were going to attack
the workhouse at Newport
because said if you are I know something
about that we shall all be cut to pieces
like mince I have been on board of a man
of war and know what shooting is and
we shall be cut up like mince for they
will be shooting before us and behind
us and out of the windows He said we are going to do no such
thing as to attack strong Building
for Men's lives are precious There will
not be a shot fired We are only going
to Newport to shew what strength we
have got to Government and the Charter will be
gained before this Month. I saw
a man with a glazed Hat in the parlour
at the Coach & Horses who said he came
from Newport and had been talking to the Soldiers and that the Soldiers were
in the Poor House at Newport & were all
Chartists He asked me and all the others if we wanted ammunition & said
Frost in the Room

then went out of the House

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