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into the road where the mob were collected
the man with a glazed hat also came out
and ordered the mob to stop every person
that did pass and he sung out Brothers
it is time for us to be off for Enemies
are lying in all directions we ought
to be down these two hours. Then the
mob were consulting about scouring
Blackwood before they started They were
armed & it was very wet and dark. I saw
their group go up towards Blackwood 20 or 30 yards
it was so dark: I could not see. There was
then a bit of a stagnation and some were for
going back and some going on a Man came
ordered us to fall in 3 deep I
D - d him & told him to mind his
own business and he went off He
had returned presently with
a handkerchief & Bag and said I
will be powder monkey now. Then Frost when the mob
was squabbling and Frost ran to the head of
the mob and ordered us to the right and
they all turned round and he ordered
them to follow him to the Cfen and
that he should meet Zephaniah Williams
there with about 5000 men and Jones
from Pontypool with about 2000 more
We proceeded towards the Greyhound
some took different Roads I was
informed that Frost went thro' Abercarne
I did not go that way I went by Risca



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