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It was not only the Tram Road that were covered
but all the roads go which way you would you
would meet someone. When we came to
Risca by the two Publics there was a great
stop there & I believe there was drinking at
Duffields. Then the next thing I noticed when
we got down by Cross Public there was a
Man coming back with a Candle & Lantern
on a Horse and ordering us to come on
but the greater part of us was thinking
of staying the man said down below Mr Frost is waiting
with a large quantity of men. some of the
mob made answer and said what
the Devil are we wanted there for a parcel
of naked armed men we have got no
arms. He made answer there is plenty
of Bayonets guns and ammunition there
and I do not know what he said whether it
was part or half of the Soldiers was
gone to Pontypool from Newport this
was the same person whom I saw at
Blackwood & said he would be the
Powder Monkey there I asked if any

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body in the mob did know who that fellow
was, some made answer and said
that he was a Deserter and that he
was the person who was going
to guide the men into Newport with
Frost then there were Pikes and
guns in the rear who forced us



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