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on to the Welsh Oak I should suppose
it must be 12 or 1 Oclock tho' I cannot
say when we came there the guns
were ordered in front to be proved
and let off I was then very wet
and the guns were let off for an
hour or more I then retreated back
behind again. I then saw an old man
come to his fellows with a Glazed Hat
with a drab Coat & a red Cravat who
came down from Blackwood with
the mob and tapped him on the shoulder
and said it was better for the people
to draw back to the Hills and not
to be mistaken for the people at Newport
would fire upon them and that they
were armed in all directions and
that the Barracks and Church yard
were fortified with Soldiers and the
Westgate Inn: The man with the glazed
Hat said it was all d - d lies &
would not believe it and that
it was but a flea bite altogether
that we had to do. The people at this
time said Frost was gone up to the
. He delayed a long time there
was a Carriage on the Road at the Welsh
I asked whose carriage it was
& the people saw they thought it was
Mr Homfray & W Phillips were in it

James Hodge [Written vertically across text]



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