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the horse appeared to be sweating and I asked
the Driver why he did not go on and not
keep the animal about in that condition
he said he could not pass and asked asked me to go
and ask leave for him. I went up to the
mob and spoke for liberty for him but
was hustled off and was not heard
I went back and tried to get off and
was challenged after I got a few yards up
with guns and Pikes and I was ordered
to retire back to the mob I went back and
sat down by the side of the bank by
the Trams as side for a long time
and until orders were given to go
on to Pye Corner. I heard that Jones the
at Pontypool was at the
High Cross I went on into the mob to
Pye Corner and then I saw Frost in
the same dress a Pilot Cloth Coat and
Red Cravat. He then said the guns
should go next and the Bludgeons
follow next an them without Arms
behind there were not all the people
present but those that had guns went
in front I then went up to him and
asked him what in the name of God
was he going to do was he going to attack



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