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some place or people. He said he
was We were going to attack Newport
and take it and blow up or blow
down the Bridge I was not certain
which and stop the Welsh Mail from
proceeding to Birmingham and
that there would be three delegates
there waiting for the coach an hour and
half after time and that if the Coach
did not arrive at that time
the attack would commence in
Birmingham and from there
to the north of England and Scotland
and that was to be the signal for
the whole nation I told him he might
as well lead us to a slaughter House
to be slaughtered. I immitated a
Butcher leading a flock of Lambs
to the slaughter House to be slaughtered
and for Gods sake to order the men
to return to the Hills. He asked me
if I did think so and he turned from me
with a scornful look and I made
my Escape and laid down in



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