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some nettles and briars in a field &
I tried to get away but finding paths
of the mob on the road I dropped down
as they passed to prevent being taken
and I was in my House by 10 Oclock
that morning Monday and in Bed
The mob forced people out of their
Houses all the way home down
I saw them at Risca go into a House
where there was a widow infants and
I said if anyone has them I would
knock them down.
I was ordered at the Coach & Horses
on Friday before the Riots as I was
going down to the Coach & Horses I
I met a tall man with a Brindle
whom I jostled agst he asked me if I
was a Chartist I told I was not He said
you people in these Dingles had better
mind what you are about the Chartists
will soon shew their Strength now
best all come down from off the
Hills and sweep your Dingles like
before the for we have had a
Delegate meeting in this neighbourhood
today and from 50 to 52 Delegates
I said oh well & off I went I then
went to the Coach and horses which
I knew to be the Head quarters of



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