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[top right hand margin:-] 55
[in top margin written in pencil:-]
several & also parlor as to John Frost & W[illia]mJones
v[ersu]s Etheridge as altered in Pencil

Morgan James sworn states - I lived at Pillgwenlly
some time ago - I lived there, last Saturday I was employed
at the Coal pit near the Fleur de lis - I hitch the trams at the bottom
of the Pit - I am a labourer - I some tome ago enrolled myself
a Chartist at Newport -I attended some of their public meetings - I
recollect attending a public meeting at Blackwood on Whitsun
Monday - I know John Frost - I know his person well - I know a
person of the name of Jones who is usually called Jones the Watchmaker
of Pontypool
- those two persons were present at the meeting at Blackwood
they both addressed the people that were assembled there on the
subject of the Charter - I afterwards saw them at another rmeeting
held at Dukes Town above Sirhowy - it was after the meeting at the
Blackwood Frost and Jones were both present and addressed

[in left hand margin - against the above paragraph:- Frost & Jones]

the meeting at Duke's Town on the subject of the Charter - they urged
the people to have obtain the Charter to have it in a quiet way if they
could and if they could not have it in a quiet way have it they
would - they say they will have it - they told the meeting that
they were men enough in Dukes Town to take the Charter by
force - there were present at Dukes Town a good many thousands
I know the men had come in every direction to the meeting I
saw them marching in different directions, some from Tredegar, some from from Ebbw Vale, some from Blackwood, some from Pontypool, from Merthyr & different other places - the men were
going there from all parts - I heard them tell the men to be
ready and lend their hands when they were called
this was
said by Frost and Jones - the men then made motions
with their hands clapped their hands and said "we will,
"we will" - I heard the men desired to be prepared with arms

[in left hand margin - against the above paragraph:- told to prepare / arms ]

that it was lawful for every one to carry arms - I don't know
that this was said by Jones and Frost. I have heard Frost &
Jones tell them that - every man had a right to carry arms
In consequence of something I heard I left my work and came
home on last Saturday week - I got home at Pilgwenlly about
12 o'clock at night - after I got to Pilgwenlly I came to the
Town of Newport - I saw a person of the name of Jenkin Morgan
at Newport = he lives in Pillgwenlly - he told me he was a
Chartist - I have met him at some of the Chartist Lodges
he asked me then how the Chartists got on up the Hills I

[in left hand margin - against the above paragraph:- 2 Nov[embe]r / Sunday / Jenkin Morgan



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