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Newport to the Weighing Machine - It is handy a mile that -
way from the Westgate Inn to the Weighing Machine - I heard
them say that night they were going to take the whole Kingdom
to make the Charter the Law - I heard Jenkin Morgan say
so in a loud voice that many heard him - I heard many
others say the same thing - I considered that to be their object
the colliery where I work is on the Rumney Tram Road in the
. I believe it is in the parish of Monythusloyn - there are were
several other Colliers in the Neighbourhood - The person who took
the Chair at Dukes Town was a man who wore long black hair
his beard was long and black - I believe he was called Doctor
- the crowd around said there is Doctor Price in the
chair there - he had a Cap on - I have not seen him since
It was about the time they talked about keeping the sacred
Month - I think it was about the beginning of August - I
am not quite sure - they were talking about stopping to work
a month - the men did not know how they were to stop - how
they were to find Victuals during the Month - I have not
heard of or seen D[octo]r Price being at any other Meeting - that
was the first time I ever saw him - D[octo]r Price was dressed
in a round Jacket - the men coming to the meeting at Dukes
carried flags and banners. -
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