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Elizabeth Morgan sworn states - I am the wife
of Francis Morgan he lives at the Courtybella Machine
I know Morgan Davies of Pillgwenlly I remember
seeing him on Monday the 4th November My son keeps the
Machine now - My husband and I live in the House
Morgan James Called at our House that morning - there
men what they call Chartists were then running back
it might be then about 10 oClock He asked me if I would
let him leave his Staff there I asked him why Morgan
because he said I am afraid I shall be taken up if I
take my staff it was a white walking stick with a round
top and all full of knots, it was not very large it was a
common walking stick he left it there and I think it was
last Friday morning that he called for it again I
had seen Morgan James before he called to leave his stick
on that morning I think it was about 9 when I first
saw him that morning it was just after they passed up town
I cannot exactly tell whether he had the same stick
with him when I saw him first as when I saw him last on that morning I
cant say that he had more than one stick with him
Xd E Morgan



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