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James Jones of Newport plaster states -
on I am a special constable - On Monday
morning November 4th about 1/4 past 8
I was directed by Sir Thomas Phillips then the
Mayor of Newport to shew some 3 for young
3 old men (who had been taken into custody
& then liberated) their way home by a different
way to that which the Mob was coming
towards Newport - I took them by Bane's
& returned to the Westgate - I was standing
on the top step in front of the Westgate door
close by the eastern pillar when the Mob came
cam round the corner from Stow Hill. I then
ran into through the house - out through the yard & Garden
belonging to the Westgate & down a passage
which communicates with Commercial St[reet]
by the Clappertons shop. Just as I got into
Commercial St[reet] a number of people about 20.
were before me going towards the Westgate
one of them, a lad, had a gun in his hand, some
of the rest had sticks but I had not time to



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