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John Frost
& Wooden legged Man

Maria Lewis - Servant to and abiding at the House
of William Phillips of the parish of Saint Woollos in the
Borough of Newport in the County of Monmouth Grocer
I remember the morning of the Riots the 4th November
last - I was in the Sitting Room fronting the Westgate Inn
between 8 and 9 oClock I think - there were several persons
in the Room at the time - I saw a great many men turn
the Corner at the foot of Stow Hill round to the front of the
Westgate Inn - they had Guns, pikes and other weapons
in their hands I saw Mr John Frost with them - I
knew him by his face - I said to the others in the
Room - "there is John Frost - Frost was in
the front of the mob - he had something round his
Chin and mouth and round his neck - and tied in front
I am quite certain it was Mr John Frost I saw - I heard
the firing - I then ran away to the kitchen which is at
the back of the House - I remained in the kitchen
long time - I then went up to the Sitting Room and saw
several dead bodies lying in front of the Westgate - and
the Westgate Window broke in - I saw a man
amongst the crowd when they first came down with
a Wooden leg - He had a gun in his hand
I should know him again if I was to see him
I did not see him fire

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Witness John Rogers

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The mark of
Maria Lewis



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