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Reg[in]a. v[ersus] Unknown Persons
William Llewellyn is a son of Mr John
of Abercarne House - was at
Abercarne House all day Sunday 3rd
day of November instant. In the Evening
of the same Day I heard a rumour that
the Chartists were going to ride - After
wards about 10 o'clock of the same Evening
while I was sitting in the Parlour with
the rest of my family - Our Servant
Ann Thomas rushed towards the parlour
Door, opened it and said "The Chartists
at at the Kitchen Door and they say
they will come in" My father, my
brother, myself my mother and some
female friends of ours, immediately left
the Parlour and went into the front
Hall where we met Charles Maisly my servant Man when my mother addressed begged
that all the men meaning myself
my Brother and father, would get out
of the way - my fath mother then
went towards the kitchen - My father
and brother went out through the front
Door, but I not being able to find my
hat immediately did not go out with
them. When I found it I went out
through the front Door and went towards
straight to the Back door where the
Chartists were - they were As I approached I heard them beating
the Door violently several were
very loudly demanding the door to be
opened saying "Come let us in" . By the time I reached the
Back Door it was open and so
was the kitchen window. I saw
several of the mob in the Kitchen



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