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through the Window, My mother
was in the middle of those in the
Kitchen - There were about 20
of them in the Kitchen at that time
and about 8 or ten remained outside
The men inside had several
Candles in their hands and all or
most of them were armed with
weapons, many of them carried Guns
and others mandrils & most of them iron weapons I do not know
whether the men outside were armed
as it was Dark - On my reaching
the Back Door I said Hallo "
what's going on here, when one man whom
I could not identify grasped me
on the shoulder, saying "Who are
you, You must come with us"
I said, "Stop a Bit I want to go
in and see what is going on"
He said nothing and I then
passed into the Kitchen without
further interruption. When I entered
I observed my mother in conversation
with one of them who appeared to be
their leader. I heard him say that
they "We must have all the men and
arms in the house" my mother replied
that there were neither men nor arms
in the house. He repeated that "if there
"were any arms, that my mother had
"better give them up at once" but
my mother insisted there were none
in the house. my mother then said
to the leader that "as he appeared to
be a better Educated man than the



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