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rest, she trusted he would prevent keep
his men in order & from doing mischief
He replied " I have some trouble with
them, they are unruly set." My
mother said " If you want anything
to Eat or drink, you may have it"
One of them asked for some Beer -
my mother said we had not Beer -
but only Cider. then another at the window outside said loudly
"We don't want Bread and Cheese
or Beer but men and Arms"
The Leader said to my mother, " I will thank you for some Bread & Cheese & Cider
and asked me if I was the Master
of the house " I said, no, "I am not"
I then heard a noise that made me
turn round and saw Charles Maisly
the servant man collared by 3 or 4 of
them . The Confusion was great just now
and I followed Ann Thomas our Servant
to the Cellar, where she had been
sent by my mother for the Cellar Cider
to tell her to make haste in getting
it. While at the Cellar Door I heard
the footsteps of men upstairs. I
immediately went to the Kitchen &
spoke to the Leader. I told him
that some of his men had got up
stairs, that there were some females
upstairs, who, if they saw his
men would be frightened to Death
& I begged he would come with
me to order them back - which he
Consented to Do - I let him up
stairs to the room in which the females were & in going up passed some of the men
when I got up to the room I heard several
in the adjoining room - The leader



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