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told to the females "You need not that
they need not be alarmed, as they should
not be harmed. The men in the
adjoining room in the meantime before
it, and I returned with the Leader down
stairs and on the way Down on the
2nd landing we met a party of the
men who were standing there one
of them opened the Door of the
bedroom when the leader told two of them
that there was nothing to be found
there, they then shut the Doors -
two others at the same time were going up
towards the top landing when the
leader told them to come back
there were neither men nor arms there
He then ordered them Down. They went
accordingly I followed passed through into the Kitchen
and they immediate went out through
the Back Door Excepting the Leader
who remained in the Kitchen to take
some Bread & Mead & Cider & He then
said to me Do you live here. I said
not Exactly, I live in the neighbourhood
he said to me looking significantly "You
are one of us" I said " of course I am
& then went out alone into the Yard
through the back Door leaving the
Leader behind in the Kitchen with my
mother. I then got into the House
through the front Door. I didn't know
one of the men that attacked our house, they
were all strangers to me. Numbers of people
were going down towards Newport all night. & myself
and family were greatly alarmed lest they would
make a 2nd attack and I watched outside the
house during a great part of the night afterwards -

[in left hand margin:-] W[illia]m Llewellin



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