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40 Herring David - 40 As to Pike making -

41 Brickley Edward - 41 as to the same -

42 Arthur Thomas 42 as to the same -

43 Dyer Thomas 43 - That he saw the Mob coming - in ranks down Stow Hill.

44 Cartwight W[illia]m Sheward - 44 Service of 2d List of Witnesses on Frost

45 Jenkins WIlliam - 45 That he saw Frost in front of the Westgate

46 Saunders Thomas - 46 That he saw Frost at the Welsh Oak - (this witness has absconded) -

47 Partridge Amelia - 47 She saw Frost come into her fathers house on Monday evening - after on the day of the Riots

48 Maule George Esq[uire] - 48 Service of Copy Indictment Jury List and of 1st List of Witnesses -

49 Rogers John - 49 Service of 3rd List of Witnesses -

50 Rogers Stephen - Capture of Frost with Mr Phillips -

51 Davies Margaret 501 Saw mob come to front of the Westgate saw the attack upon
the Westgate by the Mob & the firing was there during
the firing on the opposite side and near the back gates
of the Westgate saw a Woodden legged man fire 3 times at
the Soldiers in the room of the Westgate.

52 in pencil:- Evans Henry Saddler

53 in pencil:- Evans Daniel Tailor

54 in pencil:-Walker Thomas

52 James Morgan 52 Declaration of intentions by Jenkin Morgan

525 Williams Gould 52 That the prisoner Wil[li]am Jones whom he apprehended told Witness that he Jones walked
into Newport in the rear of the Mob with Mr Frost to the Westgate Inn

John H[enr]y
Lewis Lewis
ag[ain]st Tho[ma]s Llewellin }
foreign>} John Hughes (vide</ng Speaks to seeing
Evidence ag[ain]st Thomas }
Llewellin }
Scard Moses To speak to declaration of Tho[ma]s Llewellin a Pris[one]r as to John Frost
Evidence ag[ain]st Tho[ma]s Llewellin
Lewis Lewis ( vide Thomas Llewellin Case)Frost coming down with the Mob.

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