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1 at Chartist meeting Saturday 2d Nov[ember] - saw Frost at Royal Oak, Risca &
at Newport
2 Saw Frost & Jack the Fifer at County - Bella Machine leading the Mob, Frost asked him where the soldiers were
& raised the mob to "March"
3 Confirmed the last witnesses evidence - saw Frost running away after the
firing -
4 A Special Constable at the Westgate during the riot
5 Saw Reid Frost at the head of the mob at the Machine - accompanied them down to the Westgate
heard Frost fire arms at the Westgate
6. Police Officer present when his Pistols were taken from Frost
7. The capture of Frost
8. Forced with the mob - released by Frost
9. Saw Frost at Coach & Horses Sunday the 3rd asked Frost him if he was going to attack the
Workhouse - speaks of a man distributing ammun[itio]n to the Mob - Frost marshalls the mob
10 Generally as to the proceedings of the Mob - saw Frost at the Royal Oak & the Park giving
11 Saw Frost at in front of Westgate
12 Saw Frost between Cefn & the Welsh Oak he makes known his intentions as to Newport
13. As to the final meetings the week before the riots, the planning of the arrangements as to Newport
14 Saw Frost in front of Westgate
15 Saw Frost addressing the mob at Coach & Horses on Sunday 3 rd Nov[ember]- saw Frost at
Welsh Oak giving marshalling the mob
16. Saw Frost at the Welsh Oak & the Park marshalling the mob, & at the Westgate commanding
the mob to fire
17 That Frost was at his house (Coach & Horses) on Friday the previous to riots
18. Confirmed the same last witness -
19. Serv[an]t of Rich[ar]d Pugh confirmed his evidence -
20. That Frost, Z. Williams & Jones heldfirst meetings at Blackwood previous to
the riots
21. That Saw Frost at Westgate
22. Does not attend
23 That Frost lodged at his house two days previous to the riots - of the
plans of the rioters
24 Confirming last witness
25 Forced away with W. Brough by the mob & by Frost.
26. That he saw Frost returning thro the Park after the riots
27. That his house was broken into by the mob & his guns then taken
28. That he saw Frost returning thru the Park after the Riots

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