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29. That a mob on the Pontypool Road called at his House Sunday
30. That he was acting in his character as Mayor generally as to the Riots at the Westgate with the Soliders
31. That he was acting as a Magistrate with the Soldiers at the Poor House
32 That he was acting as a Magistrate with the Mayor at the Westgate
33 That he was commanding the Sol Officer at the Westgate -
34 That he was the Serjiant wounded at the Westgate -
35 That he was the Officer commanding at the Poor House -
36 That he saw Frost & Jones at Chartist meetings - they said they must
have the Charter by force & recommended the Mob to arm
37. That he found Evan Edwards making bullets for the Chartists
38. To the same effect.
39. That Evan Edwards told him that the Chartists had promised if he w[oul]d
make bullets for them he sh[oul]d not be fixed to go-
40 As to Pike making
41. As to the same
42 As to the same -
43 That he saw the Mob coming down in ranks down Stow Hill
44 Review of 2nd List of Witnesses on Frost.
45. That he saw Frost in front of the Westgate -
46 That he saw Frost at the W[elsh] Oak - this witness has absconded -
47. The she was atsaw Frost come into her fathers house when Frost came in on Monday Evening -
48 Review of copy Indictment Jury List etc off[ici]al list of Witnesses
49 Review of 3rd list of Witnesses
50 Capture of Frost with W[illia]m Phillips-

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