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[this page is divided into four panels:-]

first panel - written vertically:-

John Rees
Jack al[ia]s the Fifer
4 John Rees
3 James Coles al[ia]s Farmer
1 Thomas Pritchard
2 Samuel Smith

second panel:-
List of witnesses
upon the
Bill of indictment
ag[ain]st Frost
+ others

[bottom margin:-] 183

third panel - written vertically:-
David Jones
al[ia]s David the Farmer
3 Mary Thomas
4 Mary Williams

1 John Jones

2 Joseph Taylor

fourth panel - in pencil:-
Lord Granvill Somerset

Hon[erable] M. Rossrey
T. B. Hall B[arone]t M[ember of] P[arliament]
W[illia]m Addam Williams
R. J. Blewitt Esq[uire] M[ember of Parliament
Rich[ar]d Amphlett
Jos[ep]h Bailey Esq[uire]
Fran[ce]s Chamberlain
W[illia]m Curre
P. J. Dricarroll
Jos[ep]h Davies Bedwas
John Greshome
Sam[ue]l Homfray
John Fra[nce]s Vaughan
John Jenkins
Tho[ma]s Lewis - J. Pierce
C. O. S. Morgan
Cha[rle]s Marrcott Esq[uire]
Fra[nce]s McDonnell
20 William Needham
Cha[rle]s Harrison Powell
22 G. H. Welsh Rolls



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