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Reg[in]a vs : Hy Harris

Israel Furmen I was with the
mob on the night of Monday the
4 Novr 1839. I came from Gellygro[e]s
I know the Pris[one]r H-y Harris
he keeps The Star at Pont[ll]anf[r]aith
^ he was with us he came up
to me with a candle in his
Hand and sang out Here
is old Furman I was then
attempting to get away. I saw
then the mob pull them out of their Beds
by their Shirt Tails & I saw
their wives in their Shifts.
Henry Harris was amongst
those pulled the men out
of their Houses. I was in front
of a House by Risca Bridge &
saw a large bundle of Mandrell
Handles. H-y Harris
was with us all the way. He
carried a Gun and a large packet
of Candles in one Hand his Pockets

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