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John Jones - Collier of the Argoed in the parish of Bedwellty
in the county of Monmouth householder - I was in my own house
on Sunday night the 3rd November: a score of people came to my house bet[wee]n
6 & 7 o'clock I was not gone to bed. They only came to the door
and said I must come out to them - I live by the side of the Tram Road - I refused to go out saying I would sooner die
in the house than go away to be killed - they said they would
kill him if he did not go - then asked me to come to the Road
to speak to them - my wife said I had better go - and I went there were hundreds in the Road - they said he was bound - he
was to go to Newbridge and there he should hear from Mr Frost
where they were going. They were nearly all armed - some with
Guns Pikes and every thing - I went with them to Newbridge
by Crospenmaen and Crumlin - when they said Mr Frost was
gone forward - but they must go down to William Charles
- Welsh Oak - They did not stop any where except to break into
the Houses to force people along - they went into almost every house
they came to they offered me a Gun Cleaver and Poker but I
would take nothing but my walking stick - I went from Newbridge by the Turnpike Road to Risca I went through Abercarne - the troop that
had been before us had been to Mr Llewellin's House at Abercarne
We came along the tram Road from Risca Bridge to Henry Charles
Welsh Oak. There was a Carriage at Harry Charles at the Welsh
- I know Zephaniah Williams very well - I used to live near
him - It was about 2 o'clock when I came to the Welsh Oak I staid
there some time walking upon the Road backwards and forwards
I walked on to the Cefn towards Newport - I had a shilling in
my pocket - I went into a House to get a warm near Coed y Melin I was taken near there by Special Constables and brought here -
I did not see Z Williams that night - I was discharged by the
Magistrates - I went back to look for my boy who was pressed
by the men - I went back the Turnpike Road way towards home
. When near the Upper Gate of Sir Charles Morgan's Park I met the
men coming down - I saw a man called David the

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