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Tinker - I do not know his Surname - He thinks he is a Collier
- he had a sort of large knife and a spear at the end of a Pole
more than a foot long - they stopped me - I told them what I
had seen - I had been under hands before the magistrates and
advised them to be quiet - David the Tinker said "you old devil
don't tell lies here and don't frighten the men and injure the cause
by telling them of it [" closing speech mark omitted] - David the Tinker forced me back with
them and I came back again as far as the Church on Stow
Hill -
David [the Tinker] came on with those armed but those that were
armed to go first - I was hanging behind with those with
sticks - I saw David the Tinker last this side of the
Waterloo Turnpike when the order was given for those best
armed to come on in front - David the Tinker was dressed
in a velvet jacket - dark colour - small hat - black
Trowsers - a spotted handkerchief round his neck -

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the mark X of
John Jones

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