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Reg[in]a v[ersus] David The Tinker
Mary Thomas spinster abiding with her father David Thomas
of Newbridge in the parish of Monythusloyne in the county of Monmouth Publican
I remember Sunday 3rd Nov[embe]r - men began to come to my house about half past 8 o'clock
in the evening - we went to Bed about 10 - the party who had come at 8 had left - there was
knocking at the Door for some time before we got up about 1 o'clock - those outside said if
we did not get up they would break into the house - when I came down the house was full
of men amongst them was David Jones commonly known as David the Tinker
I have known him these 10 years - I cannot say how he was dressed - he has
a Gun in his hand whether single or double I cannot say - Mary Williams the
servant saw him as well - he came into the bar and paid me for a jug of of Beer
he asked for some Bread and Cheese - I heard several say when David Jones
was present they were were going to Newport - they had Spears Guns and Mandrills
and different things - The first party that came to the door said they came
from Dowlais - it was a very wet night - David Jones asked me how I was
I said pretty well - I asked him how his wife was he said worse than she had
been before - When he had the Bread and Cheese he said it may be the last
he might ever want - one of the party who first came spoke to me - I did not
know him, he said they had begun the wrong way - my mother said she thought
they had particularly on a Sunday night - he said Oh not that - they ought to
have brought down Will Homan and William Davies (Will commonly called
Will Caption
's) heads upon spears - David stopped about half an hour and
then he went out with the rest - signed Mary Thomas

Mary Williams abiding with and servant to David Thomas of
Newbridge Inn in the parish of Monythusloyne says On Monday morning the 4th
Nov[embe]r about 3 o'clock my masters house was full of people - David the Tinker whom
I have known for 9 or 10 years came to me and asked for a jug of beer which I gave him
he did not pay me for it at the time - he went from me into the bar and I heard him say
I have paid for this jug of beer - He then went into the Tap room and addressing himself to the
people said now my boys let's drink and be off - He went out and most of the people
followed him - he has something in his hand but I don't know what - The first lot came
in at 8 o'clock that night they said all they wanted was men and arms - about 10 o'clock
we went to bed and had not been in bed half an hour before we heard a knocking at the
door - we did not get up until between 12 and 1 when we opened the door and the
house was full directly - one man who had a gun in his hand enquired of me
whether there was any gun in the house - I told him no -

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