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Herbert Davies
I am a Collier works at the
Waterloo Colliery for Richard Lewis. I do remember
Sunday the 3 November Inst[ant]. I went as far as Crumlin
about seven o Clock in the evening, which house is kept
by Richard William about half past nine Jones the
from Pontypool came in the room and
two men along with him - who asked us what lodge
we belonged to - we answered him and said we could
not agree, and then he asked us who our Captain was
when we said it was old David Stephens - and then
asked us where was our arms when we told him
we had none - and then he asked us why we did not
bring Mandrils with us as there was nothing better
and then he drew his pistol out of his pocket and showed it us and put it back again.
We asked him which way was he going - who said through
Pontypool and you might come along with us we said
we said no - I dont want for you to do any thing -
But he drew his hand across his Neck when he said
I will venture this that we shall have a Flag on top
of Newport Church Tower before Ten o'Clock tomorrow
morning who then said that he expected Zephaniah
and his men down in about half an hour

Watkin Moses - John Davis - Henry Edwards was
present at the Navigation Inn with me at that time
they do work at the Waterloo Colliery.

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