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did not appear to be armed - Jones asked us what
Lodge we belonged to - we said we could not agree -
He then asked us who our Captain was - we said
Old David Stephens - He then asked us where were
our arms - we told him we had none - he then
asked us why we did not carry mandrils with us
as there was nothing better - He drew a pistol out
of his pocket and shewed it us, & put it back again as
without making any remark - We asked him
which way he was going - He said through Pontypool
& that we might come along with him - We said
no - He then said "I don't want you for to do anything
But I'll venture this (drawing his hand across
his neck) that we shall have a flag on the top of
Newport Church Tower, before 10 Oclock tomorrow
morning" - He also said that he expected Zephaniah
& his men
down in about half an hour (it was then 1/2 past 7 by this Clock
.Jones & the men with him went staid in the house about 1/4 of an hour -
We staid till about 1/4 past 10 & then went home
we saw nothing of Zephaniah Williams -

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The mark X of
Herbert Davies
The mark X of
Watkins Moses

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Witness J. H.E.
28th Dec[embe]r 1839



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