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William Edmunds son of W[illia]m Edmunds
of the Greyhound public house at Pontlanvraith
I was from home on Sunday the 3o of November
from about 10 2 oclock in the afternoon
till about
5 oclock - I went to see my uncle Thomas Morris
who keeps a public house on the Brynn - Soon
after I came home many people began to assemble
in and about the house - I went into the stable to
clean some two horses that the were there - one of them
belonged to Morgan of the Court y Bella Machine
my father told me the other was Jones's of Pontypool
Afterwards my father and young Morgan came into
the stable & told me & their boy that the mob
had gone I went into the house had supper & went
to bed leaving Jones's horse there - It remained there
until Tuesday after - There is a Chartist Lodge held
at my father's house - It is the Greyhound &
Pontllanvraith Lodge
I saw Mr Charles Davies
at the house once several times - some time ago -
I never saw Mr W[illia]m Davies there - I saw John
there about 2 months before the Riots -
Monday night is the Lodge night
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