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Reg[in]a v[ersu]s William Jones - (the Watchmaker) -
James Emery of Pontypool Cabinet maker states. -
About a week previously to the 3rd November last I became a
Member of the Chartist Club held a at the Beer house of the Prisoner
(the Bristol House at Pontypool - (I had attended meetings at that
house before but not as a Member) - I paid 6d for a Card -

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Taken from Depositions fo 167.
Jones was not present

I remember attending a meeting on the 29th October last at John
's house, it was the Tuesday before the Riots at Newport - there
were many members there - the room was full - John Llewellin was
present at that meeting - there was a Chairman appointed - I believe
his name was Phillips - I heard something said about a meeting at
Duke's Town - Llewellin was there - I heard the Chairman speak
to the effect that he had been sent as Deputy from that Association
around the Hills to ascertain how the organization of the Associations
was going on - He (the Chairman) spoke of a body of Men, about ½ a
dozen from the Associations around Merthyr that they stated that -
upwards of 2000 were already organized and armed - He said
the Deputies were to meet at Duke's Town - He made a proposition
to the meeting - He put the question were they all armed & prepared for
the worst - them that were, were requested to hold up their right hands -
Most of those present did so - Llewellin was present - I did not see him hold
up his hand - I did not hear him say anything - he might have held up
his hand without my seeing him - I heard the chairman address a boy that
was standing by his side "Do you know for what you held up your hand"
I don't distinctly know what the boy's reply was, but the question was
repeated to the boy and he said "are you prepared" - The boy answered
and said "yes, as some others" - The chairman spake to the Members
and said "if there are any here who expect to get the charter without a
struggle I would advise them to leave the Association directly" - Llewellin
was in the room at the time and must have heard was said - He did
not leave the room, he was standing by the door - There were classed Leaders
called to go to a private room - Llewellin went with them - I considered

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