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the meeting broke up, and left the house - The chairman went into the
private room - He was particularly called - Llewellin was in the room
when Phillips spoke in the words I have stated - Llewellin was standing
at the door of his cellar - he was standing at the door within the room -
They passed out of the room they were in , into another and the private room
was at the end of that one - I did not say any such thing as that
Llewellin attended the meeting at Dukes Town - All the Class leaders
went into the room at the corner of the Kitchen - they were called class
leaders - I saw Llewellin go with them

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On Wednesday night in that week I was at Jones's the Prisoner's
A letter was read by John Davis the Secretary of the Association which he said
was sent from Mr Frost to the Chartist Association Pontypool but the
signature was cut out - it was to the effect that they should prepare themselves
with arms to protect themselves from any attempt that might be made
upon them, and to organize themselves into bodies and be united and form
On the same evening a messenger was present who had come from a
Delegate meeting which had been held at some other place, I cannot tell
where - He said that the Delegates had ordered him to put the people
in mind of the questions that had been put to them at Blackwood on
Whitmonday - He then repeated the questions which were put to the
people on that occasion Vizt Will you support the convention in whatever
measures they proceed to adopt with all your might come weal come
woe? He also said the Delegates at the meeting of Monday had agreed
that a torchlight meeting should be held and that the people should
hold themselves in readiness to attend well armed when called upon
and that some means should be considered how the people's charter
should be carried into effect - This person also told us we were to meet
every night until Sunday -

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I did not attend until Sunday morning the 3rd November - On
that morning between 7 and 8 I went from Pontypool to Abersychan in
company with John Dyer who was riding a horse hired for Jones - On
arriving there we went to David Richard's Beer house where I saw Jones

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