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[top right hand margin:-]43
in company with about 20 others whom I heard him address as follows -
"You must all be prepared with your arms by 2 O'clock and force all the
people you can together to the race course and prick them along with
your pikes" - He also said he was going round the Hills to collect the
Chartists together - He spoke of one Williams of the Blaina as having a
number of arms coming home that night - he mentioned 1500 pikes
and a number of Guns - He told us that Frost would arrive at Newport
from Blackwood with a great number of men armed - He also said that
we should see Placards posted about Newport on the Monday morning
whatever might be deemed requisite - It should begin with " We
the Executive Government of England" and be signed "John Frost President"
Some of the people present complained that they had no arms - He
told them not to mind it as there would be plenty on the Race course in
the Evening for all - He also said "Ill ] bet any money that before
Wednesday night we shall either have the Charter and all will be pardoned
or the Government will be in our own hands - Prisoner also showed a
Pistol and said he was expecting Jordan the Constable there every minute
but that if he came he would only get a Ball through his head - He also
said that when they were collected together they were to take Mr Roberts
(Superintendant of Police)
and Jordan (Policeman) - then go to the
Ironmongers shops and take arms from them and go to Mr Leigh's - take
him and the arms they found there and also take Mr Blewitt at Llantarnam

in left margin against the following sentence:- John Dyer went with him / L1
and the arms there also - He ordered me and some others to go to Chapman's
the confectioner
and to tell him that the Old Lady would be down about
7 Oclock that Evening on the Race Course - I gave the
message and then returned to Pontypool - (Witness says he does not
understand the meaning of it) -
About 8 O'clock in the Evening I went to the Prisoner (Jones's)
house and then saw a number of men armed - I staid there a short time
and returned home - In about an hour I again went to Prisoner's house
and saw the men coming out of his house into the street most of them
armed - I heard William Shellard tell them to go on to the Race Course
and that Prisoner was gone on - I proceeded with the others to the
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