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Reg[in]a v[ersus] W[illlia]m Jones (the Watchmaker)

James Emery of Pontypool, Cabinet Maker States
That about a week previously to the 3rd November last I became a
Member of the Chartist Club held at the Beer house of the Prisoner (the Bristol House at
(I had attended meetings at that house before but not as a member) I paid 6d for a card X - On the morning of Sunday the 3rd Nov[embe]r. - I went in Company
with John Dyer (who was taking riding a horse hired for the Prisoner to Abersychan)
and We found Prisoner at a Beer House kept by David Richards at Abersychan
in company with about 20 - others whom I heard the Prisoner address as follows -
"you must all be prepared with your arms by 2 o'clock and force all the
people you can together to the race course" and prick them along with your pikes - he
also said he was going round the Hills to collect the Chartists together - he
spoke of one Williams of the Blaina as having a number of arms coming home that
night - he mentioned 1500 pikes and a number of Guns - He told us
that Frost would arrive at Newport from Blackwood with a great number
of men armed - He also said that we should see placards posted about
Newport on the Monday morning announcing whatever might be deemed
requisite - It should begin with "We the Executive Government of England"
and be signed "John Frost President"
Some of the people present -
complained that they had no arms - He told them not to mind it as -
as there would be plenty on the Race course in the evening for all -
Prisoner showed a pistol & He said he was expecting Jordan the Constable there every minute - but
that if he came he would only get a ball through his head I saw
a pistol in Prisoner's hand whilst I was in the room - Prisoner said
"when they were collected together they were to take Mr Roberts (Superintendent
of the Police)
and Jordan (Policeman) then go to the Ironmonger's Shops
and take arms from them and go to Mr Leigh's - take him and the
arms there also - & I then returned home to Pontypool - about
8 o'clock in the evening I went to Prisoner's House and there saw a
a number of men armed - I staid there a short time and returned
home - In about an hour I again went to Prisoner's house and saw the men
coming out of his house with the sheet most of them armed -
I heard William Shellard tell them to go on to the race course and
that Prisoner was gone on - I proceeded with the others to the -

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A stamp mark showing Newport Public Reference Libraries

[written in pencil - annotation left hand margin:-]

I remember attending a meeting on
the 29th October last at John Llewellyn's
House, it was the Tuesday before the riots
at Newport - there were many members
there - the house was full - Llewellyn
was present - there was a Chairman
appointed - his name was Phillips
I believe - I heard something said about
meeting at Duke's Town - I heard
the Chairman speak to the effect that
had been sent as Deputy from that
location around the Hills to ascertain
how the organisation of the associations
were proceeding - he spoke of a body
of men (to the count of to 168 -
the Members Depos[itio]ns - in Llewellin's
care) - go to J H Ev's copy
of Evidence of J.M. X

He also said "I'll bet any money
that before Wednesday night we shall
either have the charter and all will
be pardoned or the Government will
be in our ha own hands-"

He then ordered me Home
others to go to Chapman's the
to tell him that
the Old Lady would be down
about 7 o'clock that Even[in]g
on the Race Course & (Chap
must meet the Prisoner at
Pontypool that Even[in]g on the
Race Course - I gave the
message then returned to
Pontypool - ".



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