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what weapons they could muster - I made my escape
and went home to Bed (blank) James Emery

I knew George Shell of Pontypool Cabinet Maker - He
worked for Mr. Platner a Cabinet Maker at Pontypool -
He was a secretary to a Chartist Lodge - I have seen him
at the Lodge - I have seen him enter the names of persons
in a Book - I have also seen him making out an account
of his work - I know his handwriting - I have seen a
Letter addressed to Mr Shell Bristol - I believe that to be
in the handwriting of George Shell - I will not swear
it is though I have no doubt in my own mind - I have
heard that George Shell went with the mob to Newport -
and was killed at the Westgate - and that his body was
one of the 9 dead bodies at the Westgate -

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