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him in conversation with Miss Prosser - the
Daughter of the Landlady - I again
attempted to make my escape - and after
proceeding a little way I was stopped
by two men - armed with Pistols -
they threatened to shoot me if I did
not go on with the rest - The They
took me back to the door of the New
- the Men were then coming
out of the House - I saw Jones at
the door - I heard him order the
Men to proceed to Newport with in
three parties - the pikemen first
those with Guns next - and the others with
what weapons they could get -
I then succeeded in making my
escape and went back Home
[on right hand side of page:-] James Emery

I know George Shell of Pontypool Cabinet Maker
he worked for Mr Platner a Cabinet Maker at Pontypool He was a
sec[retary] to a Chartist Lodge. I have seen him enter the names
of persons in a book I have also seen
him making out an account of his work
I know his handwriting I have seen a Letter
addressed to Mr Shell Bristol I believe that to be
in the handwriting of Geo[rge] Shell I will not
swear it is tho' I have no doubt in my own
mind - I have heard that Geo[rge] Shell went with
the mob to Newport and was killed at the Westgate
and that his Body was one of the 9 dead Bodies at the Westgate

[right hand margin - vertical:-]
Reg[ina] v[ersus] W[illia]m Jones W[atch] Maker
Evidence of James Emery

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