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[top right hand margin:-]58
James Emery of Pontypool Cabinet maker abiding
at the House of Ann Mitchell of Sow Hill in the Parish of
- saith - I joined a Chartist Lodge held at the
Bristol house Pontypool
kept by Jones the Watchmaker
about a week before the 4th November - I paid 6d for a
Card - (I had attended meetings at that House before but
was not a member) - *On Wednesday night in that week
in left margin :- *30th Oct[ober]

in left margin against the following sentence:- I was at Jones
- a letter was read by John Davis the secretary of the association which he said was sent from Mr Frost to the Chartist association
Pontypool - but the signature was cut out - I heard John Davis the secretary of the association
read it
- It was to the effect that they should prepare themselves

in left margin against the following :- was Jones present at this meeting?
with arms to protect themselves from any attempt that
might be made against them & to organise themselves into
bodies & be united & firm - the signature to this letter was
cut out but Davis gave it out to have come from Frost -
On the same Evening a Delegate messenger was present who had
come from a Delegate meeting which had been held
at some other place I cannot tell where - He said that
the Delegates had ordered him to put the people in mind
of the questions that were put to them at Blackwood on
Whitmonday, he then repeated the questions which were
put to the people on that occasion - which we Vizt
Will you support the convention in whatever measures
they proceed to adopt with all your might - come weal



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