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come woe? He also said the Delegates at the meeting of Monday
had agreed that a torchlight meeting should be held & that
the people should hold themselves in readiness to attend well
armed when called upon - and that some means should then
be considered how the people's Charter should be carried into
effect - This W person also told us we were to meet every night
until Sunday - I did not attend until Sunday morning the
3rd Nov[embe]r - On that morning between 7 & 8 I went from Pontypool
to Abersychan in company with John Dyer who was riding a horse hired
for Jones - On arriving at Abersychan we I went to David Richards's
Beer house where I saw Jones & about 20 people at Jones had shewed a pistol and said that if he expected Jordan (the Constable) every minute - & that if he came he would only get a Ball through his head - he I heard some
of the people say they had no arms - Jones told them to go to the Race
Course that night & there would be plenty of arms there -
mentioned a per Williams of the Blaina as having a great number
of Guns & pistols & about 1500 pikes coming home that night - He then
told them to collect themselves together and begin & go to the Race course about
2 o'clock
to force all they could to join them go along with
to the Race course He said "prick them along with your pikes & make them
" - He further said that the next day there should be
Placards posted up in Newport announcing whatever was
requisite & which should begin with "We the Executive government
of England
" in & that they should be signed by "John Frost President" -
He then ordered me & some others to go to Chapman's the Confectioners'
to tell him that the old Lady would be down about 7 o'clock that
evening & he (Chapman) must meet him (Jones) at Pontypool that
Evening on the Race course - I gave the message & then went back to
Pontypool - I went to the Race course between 10 & 11- & on the



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