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William Griffiths late of Cwm Brain -
Collier - many years in the employ of CH Leigh Esq
now in custody
in left hand margin:- since disharged
About 12 months ago Jones the Watchmaker was
addressing the people at Pontnewynydd at his house in
Pontypool - then it was I was first persuaded by one and
another to join the Chartists - about 6 months ago there was
a Chartist Lodge held at Pontnewynydd at a Beer House
kept by John Llewellin - there were I dare say 500 men
there - I was called in to a private Room - there were
about 20 men there - John Llewellin and William Jones
were there - a man was at a table with a long narrow
book keeping account there were two or three other books
The man (whose name was John Davis a Carpenter of Pontypool
whom I have since heard was one of the 9 now lying dead) -
asked my name and entered it in the long narrow book
- I was to pay him 6d - of which 5d was for entrance
money and the 1d was for the Card I had which was
taken from me on Monday morning last - I was to pay
a penny a week - I have paid regularly ever since
till the last month or 3 weeks - On Sunday evening last
near 3 o'clock George Squires a Collier working for Mr
Blewitt came to me at a Public House near the meeting House
Cwm Brane and said I was the only man he wanted to see -
that we were bound to meet at 9 o'clock that night on the
Pontypool Race Course - I then went out towards my own house
and then John Davis Catch'd me first as I was coming out towards
my own House and then John Davis catch me of the public
House - he said "William, you must come along with me tonight"
"you must come towards my father's House in Pontypool
as he
wants to see you - I went with him immediately to his father
- we sat down together in his House - The father (William

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