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Davis) said they (the Chartists) were threatening every body
if they would not come to the Race Course that night at 9
o'clock - It was then between 4 & 5 o'clock - while we were
sitting down after Tea a body of Men about 30 - some armed
with pikes some with Guns and pikes and powder & Bullets
came in and said we must go with them - We all three
rose up and went down to the Pontypool Race Course - there
were not above 40 altogether there - the Race Course is about
2 miles from Pontypool - all the party soon came off the course
up across the Fields to the Pontymoile Turnpike Gate - when we
came to the Gate W[illia]m Jones met us there with several other men -
William Davis and I were on our way home - when William
took hold of me by my coat on the Turnpike Road and
said "you must come down to us - you are bound to go" - I said
I wouldn't and tried to make some excuse - I said I was so wet
not well - He then pulled out a bottle of Rum out of his pocket
and gave it to me and several of the men to drink in order to
force them on - we then went back with him (I had taken up a
small slice at William Davis' House when the party forced us
to go along with them for they said every body was bound to take
something in their hands). - We went on towards Newport
along the Turnpike Road - We first stopped at Croyceilog and
went in and had a pint of Beer - William Davis and I and a
good many others - It was 11 o'clock I dare say -

We then went on to the Newport Turnpike Gate - It had been
raining uncommon all the night - We was like fishes - We
stopped about an hour there - some took shelter under a
Shed - W[illia]m Jones then said "come on this way" and showed
us a Road on the right hand side - he went up the Road -
and we followed him - we went on for 3 miles to a public
House - William Jones was crying out all the way "Come
along Lads" to force them along - When we got there we
found the House full of men armed with pikes and sticks
and a number of Guns - William Jones had told us on
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