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regularly ever since till the last
month for 3 weeks -
On Tuesday evening last near 3 o'clock
George Squires a Collier working
for Mr Blewitt came to me at a
Public House near the meeting House
Cwm Brain & said I was the only
man he wanted to see - that we
were bound to meet at 9 o'clock that night
on the Pontypool Race Course -
I then went out towards my own House
& then John Davis catched me just as
I was coming out of the Public house
he said "William you must come along
with me tonight", you must come -
towards my Father's house in Pontypool
as he wants to see you" - I went
with him immediately to his Father
we sat down together in his house -
The Father (William Davis) said they
(the Chartists) were threatening every
body if they would not come to the
Race Course that night at 9 o'clock
It was then about between 4 & 5 o'clock
while we were sitting down after
Tea, a large body of men about 30 some armed
with some Pikes some with some Guns & Pikes
& Powder & Bullets and came in
& said we must go with them -



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