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We then went on to the Newport
Turnpike Gate
- it had been raining
uncommon, all the night - we was
like fishes - We stopped about an hour there, some
took shelter under a shed - W[illai]m Jones
then said "Come on this way" and shewed
us a road on the right hand side he
went up the road and we followed him
We went on for about 3 miles to a
Public house - William Jones was
crying out all the way "Come along Lads" to force
them along - When we got there, we
found the House full of men armed
with pikes & sticks & Guns & a number
of Guns - William Jones had told us on the
road that John Frost was at the Public
House with a large body of men - but
I've heard that Frost was not come
up then - The people said there was
14,000 men coming down from the Hills -
to draw us on to meet them - William
& I left the House together thinking
to slink off in the dark - I did not see William Jones after we left the Public House - he was walking about there - we went on
the main road towards Newport together
for half a mile when we stopped behind
& I missed him (W[illia]m Davis) I went on with Joseph
& Tho[ma]s Edwards until we came
within about 3/4 of a mile of Newport
when we met the Policemen and gave
ourselves up - this was about 1/2 past 6 o'clock
on Monday morning -

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Evidence of
W[illa]m Griffiths
8/1/40 JE



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