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Christopher Kidner sworn - I live at Cross y
Cylog at the Upper Cock
, I am a Butcher by trade - I was at home
between 7 and 8 o'clock on Monday morning last the 4th instant November
a little after that about 8 o'clock a large number of men came to
my house - the Crowd appeared to me to consist of a great number of
persons, they had told me that I must go along with them one of the men
had a hatchet in his hand others had spears and another a Gun
I was obliged to go with them, they made use of threats and told me
if I did not come they would make me come and put a spear
towards me - I know a person called Jones the Watchmaker
of Pontypool - I have seen him here to day - there he is
sitting down - I saw him that day - the first I saw of him -
that day was at Malpas - I saw him go into a Kidley Wink
house at Malpas - that is between Malpas and Newport I saw him
there - I saw him next between Crinda and the Malpas Turnpike
- Jones was there present by the Gate and he said here is

the way up this Lane - That Lane leads from Malpas Turnpike
Gate</place> into the road that leads from Newport to Risca - they went on
a good distance along the road until a Collier came up - the Collier
came across the fields and over the hedge in the direction from
Newport - he appeared as if he had been running - the Collier
stopped and they asked him to go along with them - he said no
if you had seen what I have seen you would not go - he said
there had been 3 or 4 killed - the Prisoner Jones and another then
said "then we are done" - at that time I should think there were
about 2000 persons on the road, the distance from the place where
I saw Jones in the Lane to the High Cross is as near as I can tell
a Mile and a half - you might go in a Mile, I should think it was
10 o'clock or a little after when I saw the Prisoner Jones in the Penylan Lane -
I then made my escape - I then went to the town of Newport
where I have a sister living, some of the people were armed
some with Guns some with spears some -

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