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Regina v[ersus] W[illia]m Jones (Watchmaker)

Thomas Maddock of Tredegar in the parish of
Bedwellty in the County of Monmouth fireman and nailor states
about the middle of October I heard there was a meeting to be
held at the Blaina, back of the house of Zephananiah Williams's -
I do not recollect the day of the month it was the last public meeting
ever held there - I saw from 4 to 500 men there - many from
Tredegar that I knew - I saw Mr John Frost first go up to speak
he said that he hoped the men would stick true to their courage
as they had done from the beginning - that if they would do that -
he Frost had no doubt they would have the Charter the Law of the
Land and that very shortly Mr Frost spoke on the subject for about
20 minutes and said he was still the same and that he was -
willing to sacrifice his life to maintain the cause
Then Jones of Pontypool got up - he saluted the congregation
and they gave him three cheers - he then said he had been in
the Forest of Dean as he was appointed - he mentioned several
places he had spoken in for the Charter - he said that in some places
he had met great difficulties and that he had been to Golford and
the parson would not allow him to speak unless he gave three days
notice and that he went a short distance from that and had a
comfortable meeting and addressed from 4000 to 5000 persons -
that at one Public House he was refused victuals even for money
That he saw the Game and Deer about the Forest and all the
Riches there but that the Inhabitants could not touch them -
though they were their own and that before he left the Forest he
had got a great many thousands in the same mind as himself and
they were willing to assist their brothers in Monmouthshire in
any thing that would take place and that he was as one willing
to sacrifice the last drop of Blood in his body to maintain the cause
and that he hoped all of them would keep the peace with their



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