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leading from the Turnpike road to the House - Jones &
the 2 Men joined our party and we all came to the Turnpike
- Jones was amongst the foremost at that time -
there were about 200 men present there - Jones said we had
better follow him up that Road and not go into Town
and he then walked up a Road which turned off from the Turnpike
to the right and we all followed him - We stopped
at a Gate or Hurdle on the left hand side of the Road or Lane
above a quarry - a man who looked like a Collier was
sitting on the Gate or Hurdle - He told us it was no use
to go into Town because there had been an engagement -
with the soldiers and he saw two or three men Killed -
the party then scattered themselves - I went over the
Gate or Hurdle into the field and came into Newport at
the back of the Town across the fields - It was between
11 & 12 o'clock when I got into Town

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