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my Father and a Lodger also got
up - My Father opened the front door &
a fellow workman named
John Spencer shortly after came in &
said asked me if I was going down to
see what they were going at - He and I
then went to Pontnewydd and were
going towards Pontypool along the Tram
when we were stopped by several
men who told us we should not go that
road - We the men stopped & in about 10 minutes
they told us to come on, and we followed,
more than 50 of us - We went
on through Pontypool on the road to
Newport and did not stop till we
came to the Newport Turnpike Gate, I saw William
(commonly called Jones the Watchmaker)
come from a House a little distance
from the road in company with 2 other persons the House was a new built House
rough cast in front - there were fresh
broken stones laid on the road leading
from the Turnpike road to the House -
W Jones and the 2 men joined our
and we all came to the Turnpike
- Jones was amongst the foremost
at that time - there were about 200 men
present there - Jones said we had better
follow him up that road, and not go into
Town - and we then walked up a road



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