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charges; to explain the proof that will be
necessary to constitute the offence imputed by
such charges; and to add such observations
relating to the nature and quality of that
proof, as will enable you to come to a just
estimate of its weight and sufficiency in support
of the charges brought before you, and thereby
to arrive at such conclusion in each particular
case, as justice and reason require.
The commission of Oyer and Terminer, one
one of the commission s under which we sit, is in
itself general and unlimited in its terms and
extent. It comprehends within it, all treasons,
misprisions of treason, all felonies, and
misdemeanours whatever - but as the only
criminal charges that are proposed to be
brought before you, are those which originate
from or are connected with the disturbances
above referred to, with respect to which, as I
have already observed, there can be little doubt
that presentments for High Treason will be
brought forward, my duty will be in the
first place, to offer you such remarks upon
the law of High Treason as may assist you
in the performance of the important functions
you may be called upon to execute -
Gentlemen, the crime of High Treason
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