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the 25th year of King Edward the 3rd an act
was passed, entitled "a declaration which
"offences shall be adjudged treason"; and upon this
ancient Statute, expounded, and in some degree
enlarged, by a Statute passed in the 36th year
of King George the 3rd , stands the law of
Treason at the present day, so far at least as
relates to any of the cases which can by
possibility be made the subject of your
The Statute of Edward 3 declared it to be
Treason "when a man doth compass or
"imagine the death of our Lord the King"
(within which designation a Queen regnant
is included) "or if a man do levy war against
our Lord the King in his realm, and thereof
be proveably attained, of open deed, by the
people of their condition." The Statute
afterwards declares, "it to be understood that
in the cases above rehearsed, that ought to
be judged Treason, which extends to our
Lord the King, and His Majesty." By the
more recent Statute of George the third,
temporary only at first, but afterwards
made perpetual, it is enacted, "That if any
"person shall within the realm or
[3b Geo:3.C.7][57 Geo:3.C.6][bottom left margin]
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