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these eventsovert actswill be found to vary in each
particular case. Where the object of the
Treason has not been actually perpetrated,
combinations and conspiracies to carry it into
effect, meetings to propose, to plan, to mature,
or to accelerate it's completion; the inciting and
procuring others to join such combinations;
the knowingly making procuring or furnishing
arms and ammunition; money, or other
necessaries to Insurgents, for the purpose of
accomplishing their treasonable designs;
the administering illegal oaths to bind men
to aid each other, in such treasonable designs;
all these, and many others of the same stamp
and character might be suggested, as instances
of overt acts of the particular class of compassing
or devising to which they apply, within the
meaning of both the Statutes.
And, Gentlemen, as the proof of some
overt act or acts is absolutely necessary to
support the charge of Treason, whatever it
may be, so must the proof be confined to
those specific overt acts chi which are
charged in the Indictment, and no other;
in order to give the party accused the opportunity
of knowing the real charge which is made
against him, and to enable him the better to prepare for his
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