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to counteract a state of mind and feeling so unhealthy and
diseased, and infecting so large a portion of the community,
except the diffusion amongst them of the benefits of religious
instruction, and of a sound religious education amongst
the rising generation: so that, as the younger part of the
community advance to manhood, they may feel the
conviction of the wholesome truth, that they are bound to
yield obedience to the Laws of their Country, not from the
terror only which the Law inspires, but from a much
higher and more binding motive, the fear of the
Almighty, and from the thorough belief "that the Powers
which be, are ordained of God".
Gentlemen, in conclusion, I entreat you that in
approaching this investigation, you will dismiss from
your minds all which you may have heard upon
the subject before you entered into this Court; and that,
in the performance of your important Office, whilst you
will rejoice when the weight of Evidence is so light, that
you can, consistently with your Duty at oncedismiss the party
accused, to his liberty and his home; you will at the
same time watch over yourselves with jealousy; that you
will weigh the Evidence brought before you with a firm
steady and uncompromising mind; looking to the
performance of your Duty, and to nothing beside, and
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