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[left column]
Richd Waters - 154
Attorney at Law
Specl Constable at
the Westgate Inn at 9
oClock (4 Nov)
Saw Mob come down
Stow Hill - armed - Saw
Frost imme-ly in front
of the Westgate Inn
before the firing began

Latch Thomas -

Lewis Maria -

Morgan James. 110
Attended Chartist
Speaks to Declar-ns of
Frost & Jones.
Gives a long Account
of previous proceedings
called out of bed at
8 oClock on Monday
Morning 4 Novr. Went
to Court y bella Machine
Saw Hundreds &
thousands running
away back as
[contd at 23II_009_03]

[in r. hand column]
[comm. at line 11
alongside Thos Latch entry]

distinct proof he was
with Waters & identifies Frost
being there

[alongside Maria Lewis entry]
also identifies Frost

[alongside Jas Morgan entry]
Shews Frosts previous
attendance at Chartists
Meetings long rambling
Deposition - the only
p___ at this stage
of the Case is seeing Frost
running away imme-ly
after - the two previous
Witnesses shew him
present at the Inn.



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