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[left column]
The above are the only
Witnesses who speak
to Frost being at and
imme-ly near the
at the time
of the Attack.
The next Class of Witnesses
Move what was done
at the Westgate

Hopkins Thos -120
Son of a Policeman
________q. age ?
saw Mob coming tow[ar]d
Westgate be[twee]n 8 & 9 oClock
Commen'd attack at
Inn by firing .
Broke Windows with pikes
heard no firing from Inn
before Mob fired
Saw 4 Men Killed

[in r. hand column/ alongside
lines 18-19 of the above text]

I find in another deposition
p.80 this witness thinks firing
from the inside first

[left column]
Hopkins Edwd -- 5
Father of the last
speaks to attack on
the Inn.
Was stationed at the
Inn Door.
Proves taking Frost
afterwds & being armed

[in r. hand column/ alongside
lines 21-27 of the above text]

This policeman being
stationed at the Door
must be able to give
a better account of
the proceedings of the
Mob than is set forth
he was examined -
apparently only with ye
view of identifying Waters



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