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[left column]
Oliver Thos Bevan 4 - p10

[right column]
of the Brief
Specl Constable
stationed at Westgate

[left column]
Proves attack & a -
demand by Mob or leaders
to Special Constables
to surrender before firing
- believes that man is
Proves first gun fired (5)
by Mob but query if by
design or accident
Went into the House
upon firing
_____only identifies

[in r.hand column/ alongside
lines 11-14 of above text]

This man must be
able to give a more
full account

[l. column]
Evans Henry - - 12

[r. column]
Brief p19 & 20 Depositions

[left column]
____lives opposite
____ the Westgate
Proves the attack
on the Westgate - firing
of Mob principally
against the Room
where the Soldiers
____only identifies

[in r. column/ starting
from line 21 of above text]

This man's evidence
is material but it is
very important to
ascertain if he knew
Frost as he does not
speak to his being there
altho' his account is
minuted see p19 Depn



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